Flux CNCF Incubator graduation

Flux graduates from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Incubator


With great pleasure, we share the news that Flux has graduated from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Incubator.

DoneOps has been deploying Flux into client environments as a core part of our GitOps offering for around three years now, and we believe it's a significant part of our modular approach to Dev/Sec/Git/ChatOps.

During this time, we've found Flux to be adaptable, reliable, and a great way to enable customers to keep their devs focused on development while we automate the rest of the software development lifecycle.

Whether adding Helm repositories and deploying charts or using Kustomize to create declarative configuration customization, Flux means that Git becomes the single source of truth for deployments.

Flux has taken us away from the days of wondering why deployment A looks just a little bit different from deployment B. It has ended the question of "Who changed this? And why?"

Flux helps our customers breeze through audits with all changes to infrastructure being demonstrable as a simple Git log. And while the paperwork matters, more importantly, Flux means these customers have confidence in what gets deployed in their environments and the reliability of deployments. Over time, many have moved from human-gated deployments to completely automated commit-to-prod-release approaches because they trusted Flux at all parts of their GitOps lifecycle.

We couldn't deliver the speed and flexibility we give our customers without Flux, and we're excited about what they have in store. Flux has graduated from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Incubator, and we couldn't be happier. Our customers have been benefiting from this fantastic tool for years now, and we can't wait to see what they have in store in the future!


Photo by Joshua Hoehne at Unsplash

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